Torino Foundation for Culture

Board of Directors Chiara Appendino

Francesca Leon
Luisa Jona Celesia

Angela La Rotella
Secretary General

Davide Barberis

Claudio Merlo
General Manager and Artistic Coordinator

Laura Tori
Organization and Press Office

Letizia Perciaccante
Organizational Secretary

Paola Mantovani
Cecilia Monzolon
Partners and Sponsors

Cinzia Avalle
Alessandra Sciabica
Walter Giardini

Giuseppe Baldari

Sergio Bonino
Special Projects

Antonella Maag
Editorial Activities

The City of Torino
Cabinet of the Mayor

Giuseppe Ferrari
Director of Services
Luca Pasquaretta
Head of Communications

Cira Liccardi
Francesca Baldi
Laura Bruno
Isabella Donalisio
Daniela Guerrieri
Antonino Varsallona

Franco Carcillo
Roberto Alvares
Mario Parena
Gianluca Platania
Website Staff


Via San Francesco da Paola, 3

10123 Torino
Phone +39.011.01124787
segreteriatorino [at] mitosettembremusica [dot] it

Italian and International Press Office

Skill & Music
stampa [at] mitosettembremusica [dot] it
Thanks to everyone who’s worked to make this festival possible. Special thanks go out to all our partners, sponsors, and the musical and cultural organizations that have participated, as well as to the Diocese of each host city, and the parish priests and rectors of churches that will be hosting concerts, and to the Consistory of the Waldensian Evangelical Church.
MITO 2016 Staff Torino

ph. Gianluca Platania

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