MITO SettembreMusica 2017
For the second year in a row, this year's edition of MITO SettembreMusica is under the artistic direction of Maestro Nicola Campogrande, and once again he has chosen a single theme on which the program is focused. While in 2016 the theme was Fathers and Sons, the focus in 2017 is Nature – which of course has always been a great inspiration rife with stimuli for artists from every generation, the world over.
The festival offers 140 concerts, all connected to the theme of Nature, creating a musical bond between the two host cities, Milano and Torino. Look forward to thrilling listening experiences: intensity and participation continue to be the watchwords at MITO SettembreMusica.
Audiences at this year's festival will be treated to the same high level of quality that characterized and led to the success of MITO SettembreMusica 2016, and thrill to programs conceived and interpreted especially for MITO SettembreMusica by first-class musicians from around the world, as well as by the leading ensembles and orchestras in Torino and Milano. Venues alternate between traditional concert halls and non-traditional, decentralized locations, with some performances featuring the same artists in different settings. Many performances feature free admission, while popular-priced tickets for the rest of the shows means access to great music for diverse and wide-ranging audiences. Each performance will be preceded by a brief introduction that will enhance the listening experience for novices and experts alike. In the program, performance titles and short descriptions will help concert-goers to make their choices as to which shows to attend, based on personal tastes and interests.
This year as well, MITO SettembreMusica continues its commitment to children, with a veritable festival with a festival: another great roun of children's concerts that encourage a joyful and playful listening experience.
And once again, there will be the Open Singing events, with some 25,000 “singers” filling Milano's Piazza del Duomo and Torino's Piazza San Carlo. Musical scores will be distributed free of charge to allow one and all to sing along.
This year's festival prides itself on continuing to offer the innovations so positively welcomed by audiences at last year's edition, along with plenty of novelties and curious, stimulating listening experiences that are sure to make MITO SettembreMusica 2017 extra special.
The music is about to start… Enjoy!
Anna Gastel
President of MITO SettembreMusica
With Nature as the theme for the 11th edition of MITO SettembreMusica, the festival continues its theme-based format so successfully inaugurated at last year's edition dedicated to Fathers and Sons. The Nature theme provides an opportunity to realize that our ecosystem is made up not only of earth, water and sky – all things we can see – but it contains a sound element as well, the space in which we hear. It is our duty to protect and develop that space, to keep it alive. The sound space in our cities is by nature polyphonic: it contains the sounds of traditions, the sounds of the world, of the city and its streets, in an ongoing and prolific contrapuntal echoing of cultures. By supporting music, we contribute to the variety, harmony and balance of this listening space, as we help to favor its biodiversity.
Indeed, MITO SettembreMusica has always been a festival in which ancient and modern music coexist, as do classical music and new musical languages. And true to form, this year's edition sees a program brimming with soloists and large orchestras, chamber groups and variously composed ensembles.
We look forward to seeing Nature-themed MITO SettembreMusica 2017 as a useful means to bolster sound ecology, allowing audiences to experience concerts not only in terms of art and live entertainment, but as moments of true reinvigoration in one intense month of music to be breathed in deeply.
The development of music culture and the care we give to our two cities' respective sound spaces are a special expression of the wealth we share. And we're certain that a prime example of this is the festival's Open Singing event, where thousands of participants will be transforming the famed piazze of Milano and Torino into nature reserves of sound.
Giuseppe Sala
Mayor of the City of Milano
Chiara Appendino
Mayor of the City of Torino
Honorary Presidents of MITO SettembreMusica
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